Intensive Outpatient Program Los Angeles

Intensive Outpatient Program Los Angeles

At Trauma and Beyond ®, we offer trauma-focused therapy to help you address different things in your life. One of the ways we offer these therapies is through our intensive outpatient program in Los Angeles. Our goal is for you to be able to live the life that you deserve and obtain satisfaction from the best Los Angeles IOP services available.

You deserve to live a life without pain and full of joyful moments. At Trauma and Beyond ® Los Angeles intensive outpatient program treatment center, our primary goal is for you to achieve that and more. The IOP program is designed for those who are needing an intensive level of care.

What is our intensive outpatient program about, and who is it for?

This program is ideal for those patients that need intensive care. The treatment is provided for three hours per day for three to five days a week. Your specific needs will determine the intensity and number of days.

First, a primary therapist will be assigned to you. Then a complete team of experts will hop in to provide trauma-informed therapies. Some of these therapies may include EMDR, DEFT, TRM, Somatic Experiencing, NARM, Sensorimotor, Affect Regulation, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and more.

What do we provide with our Los Angeles intensive outpatient program treatment?

We have many years of experience treating different kinds of traumas, as well as addiction, depression, anxiety, attachment difficulties, and self-harm.

The intensive outpatient program in Los Angeles can offer treatment for individuals suffering from addictions and are in the early stages of recovery. Some of these addictions may be alcohol, drugs, social media, gaming, gambling, binging, self-harm, purging, pornography, sex, restricting, and love. All of these can appear in different forms and levels.

Depression is also something we help treat at Trauma and Beyond ®. This disease can be manifested in many different ways. For example, you may feel without energy, have trouble sleeping or eating, you feel hopeless, have suicidal thoughts, and feel pessimistic about the future. There are many ways to step out of the depression cycle, and our top of the line therapists will do their best to help you achieve this goal.

Anxiety, on the other hand, can be tough. If you are constantly worrying, having panic attacks, feel light-headed, short of breath, or feel your heart pounding so hard that you fear you are going to have a heart attack, then you may be suffering from anxiety.

Self-harm often occurs to gain attention, but can also happen when someone finds it hard to express themselves or cannot find another way to alleviate psychic pain. Our therapists will work hard with you to find better ways to express your feelings and deal with your emotions without you feeling the need to harm yourself physically.

Finally, we can also offer therapies for attachment difficulties and affect regulation. Contact Trauma & Beyond to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or to verify your insurance at 818-651-0725.

Intensive Outpatient Program Los Angeles

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