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Naturopath Grange

Let me help you take back control of your health


Naturopathy is both a science and an art. It is a total system of health care using the tools nature has made available to allow individuals to attain the best health possible. Naturopaths practice holistically. Each organ system in the body is connected. Therefore, the principle of Naturopathy is treating the whole body instead of focusing only on the systems and then treating that specific system.

Herbal Medicine

Around 80 percent of people around the world depend on herbs for their primary health care. In the past and present, herbal remedies have been used worldwide to prevent and treat diseases. About half of the drugs in the market have originated from the natural world. As a herbalist, I offer various herbs in tablets and liquid form to treat a variety of health issues.

Nutritional Medicine

It isn’t possible to use the wrong type of fuel for your vehicle and have it perform well, just like you can’t feed your body with the wrong foods and expect it to stay well. Nutrition is crucial to well-being. Each person is different, so not all foods will suit every person. I will carefully analyse your diet to determine if you are eating foods that you are intolerant to and I will guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of eating certain foods to enhance your health in the present and in the future.

Introducing Andrea

Grange Naturopath, Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist

Naturopath Grange

Andrea Southern is a certified Naturopath as well as a Nutritionist and Herbal Medicine practitioner. She runs Southern Health & Wellbeing clinics in Brisbane Qld and Ubuntu Integrative Centre in Stafford Brisbane. Andrea has more than a decade of clinical experience. She employs an holistic approach to treat both symptoms and the root causes of health issues. Her aim is to help clients attain optimal health and nutrition and help them live an enjoyable, healthy and balanced life. Andrea is enthusiastic about helping clients gain the expertise they require to ensure their health stays in good shape.

Andrea isn’t “one-size fits all”. Andrea knows that each person is different , and she will teach her clients to eat a balanced diet that works for them as an individual and make lifestyle choices that meet their specific needs.



My Grange Natural Health Expertise


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Do you feel tired all the time, have poor memory and brain fog, or do your hair fall out? Are you gaining weight? You might also experience anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, or weight loss. These symptoms are signs of an overactive or underactive thyroid. You will feel like you are back in your old self with my extensive knowledge of thyroid conditions. Learn more here

Autoimmune conditions

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Are you fed up with taking drugs to manage your autoimmune condition symptoms? Do you want to know the root cause so that you can take charge of your health? Because of my extensive research in autoimmune conditions, I can dig deep to determine the root cause and then treat you accordingly. Learn more here

Poor Immunity

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Does it feel like you catch every bug in the air when you get cold? Maybe it takes you a while to recover from a cold or flu. Your digestive health, your diet, and your stress levels all have an impact on your immune health. I can help you strengthen your immune system by examining which system is out of balance. Learn more here

Skin conditions

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It is a well-known saying: Beauty is only skin deep. The beauty of us all lies in our individuality. It can make a huge difference in your self-esteem if you have skin conditions that are visible to the world. I can help with any skin condition: eczema or psoriasis. Learn more here

Stress and Anxiety

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Are you struggling to deal with stress? Do you feel anxious or unable to sleep well because of stress? It can be very debilitating to feel anxious and stressed out. Herbal and Nutritional Medicine can provide you with symptomatic relief as well as treating the root cause of your anxiety and stress. Learn more here

Gut health/IBS/IBD

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What causes abdominal pain, discomfort and bloating? Bowel motions erratic? Do you feel like your body is complaining about what you eat? Gut problems such as food intolerances, Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis may feel like they are taking over your life. Let me repair and restore your gut so that it can be able to eat again, without pain and discomfort. Learn more here


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Your health can suffer if you spend hours trying to get to bed or sleepless nights. It can be very difficult to shake the feeling of tiredness and brain fog. With many herbs that have been scientifically proven effective in calming the nervous system, herbal medicine is the ideal treatment for insomnia. Learn more here

Pain Management

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Are you suffering from sore joints or nerve pain? This unrelenting pain can make your life miserable. Sometimes, the only way to get relief is to take pain medication that can cause havoc in your body in many different ways. Learn more here


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Are you being held down by a black fog? Are you tired of trying to find motivation? Are you frustrated by feeling this way? It is not just your thoughts. There are many biochemical reasons why you feel depressed. Once these are established, there will be light at the end. Learn more here

Unexplained conditions

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Do you feel like your body is failing you? Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to find the right answers for why your body is acting the way it does? Are you feeling like no one is listening? Perhaps it’s time to try a new approach. I will thoroughly review your medical history and dig deep to help you find the answers you seek. Learn more here

Fatigue/low energy

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Do you feel like you don’t have enough energy to live your life to its fullest? Feeling tired every morning and feeling it for the rest of your day? You may feel fatigued from Post Viral Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Hypothyroidism. Naturopathy identifies the root cause of fatigue and treats it. Learn more here

Food Intolerances

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It’s horrible, doesn’t it? Bloating, stomach pain, heartburn and erratic bowel movements, flatulence, mood swings anxiety, nervousness, skin reactions, and mood swings are all possible. These are all symptoms of food intolerances. Learn more here

Andrea’s Approach & Values

Years of experience in clinical practice at Stafford, Brisbane have taught Andrea that there isn’t “one way to treat” every health problem. Since each person is an individual, each person’s health issues need to be treated in a unique way. Andrea will dig deep into your medical history in order to discover the cause of your health issues.

As a client, you’re involved directly in the process of treatment. Andrea is adamant about her clients’ input in deciding on the best health treatment.

The treatment of symptoms is an integral aspect of Naturopathy and is treated from the initial consultation, as well as examining and determining the root of the problem. Through involving you at every step you’ll be able to leave your appointment with a better knowledge of your health. Andrea will examine your health in depth to find the root causes of your problems.

Andrea concentrates on food in the way Nature designed it – whole, healthy and nutritious food. When your health is in good shape, eating healthy is a means to be healthy and active for the foreseeable future.

It is also crucial to think about other aspects of lifestyle like exercise, stress, sleep as well as mental wellbeing. Life coaching is an integral component of any treatment plan.

Andrea will treat each client who comes through her doors with respect and dignity and as an individual. She will see the whole person and not only the health issues, and will take care of your mental, physical and emotional requirements.

With a range of nutritional supplements that can aid you in achieving your best health, contact Andrea now to discover how you can overcome the health challenges you face

“I had been battling diverticulitis for 10 years and after 3 hospital admissions and on IV antibiotics each time, I decided to take a more natural path to wellness again. Andrea has lead me through an understanding of how certain food intolerances, pharmaceuticals and chemicals affected my immune system to the point where I kept relapsing back into ill health. I’m so grateful for Andrea’s counsel, encouragement and expertise in nutrition, natural meds and for her sincere care to journey with me to greater health and well being.”

Meralda, age 67

“I found Andrea to be a compassionate, dedicated, empathic and understanding person. Her caring nature coupled with her outstanding wealth of knowledge and expertise in both nutrition and naturopathy helped me extensively to overcome my continuous and ongoing digestive issues along with my long-standing anxiety. I am very thankful for the referral to see Andrea, as I believe without her, I would still be suffering from a supreme lack of energy, frequent panic attacks and a constant feeling of being generally unwell.”

Katie, age 26

“Andrea is one of the most experienced Naturopathic practitioners I’ve experienced. She is an expert in her field, empathetic & has such a willingness to want to help you to a brighter path.”

Tabbitha, age 38

“Andrea helped me regain my energy and after zest for life after living with a poorly managed autoimmune condition for years. I feel strongly that with her guidance and support I will maintain my health and be able to enjoy my life to the fullest. I would, and have recommended her practice to family and friends.”

Kym, age 47

“After many years of blood tests with standard doctors and not feeling as well as I could be, I decided on a friend’s recommendation to work with Andrea. Her deep knowledge of human systems and experience has improved my health further and I have no hesitation in recommending Andrea.”

Murray, age 59.

“My health focus has always been proactive and natural, rather than reactive and pharmaceutical. Andrea Southern is a champion in this area and has proven immensely helpful. Thank you Andrea”

Bill, age 73

 How to find the best Naturopath Grange has to offer

It isn’t just difficult to locate a Grange Naturopath It is also difficult to locate the best Naturopath who is located in Grange. There isn’t a single Naturopath who is the most effective but there are ways to assess how well your Naturopath is working with you.

Reviews are an excellent method to determine how a Naturopath communicates with patients and how effective they’ve been in resolving health issues. Reviews typically have a consistent subject matter that communicates a powerful impression of the Naturopath.

You should look for anyone who has written health pieces. It shows they’re passionate about health.

An excellent indication of a successful Grange Natural Health Practitioner is their years of experience. It’s true that in the age of social media, if you’re not delivering the goods, your “not so positive” reputation will quickly spread.

A Grange Naturopath, who also has the qualifications to be able to focus as a Nutritionist and Herbalist in Grange is an excellent choice due to the fact that nutrition is an essential aspect of good health, and herbs have been used for thousands of years to combat a variety of ailments.

The office is located at North Brisbane in Grange QLD 4053. Andrea Southern from Southern Health & Wellbeing is an individual Naturopath who is also a clinical Nutritionist as well as a Herbalist. Andrea will offer you comprehensive health care program that includes a variety of treatments individually tailored to suit you.

To ensure that you find a “good match”, choose an individual who is willing to have a chat before you make an appointment for your initial visit. Meeting with a Naturopath in Grange is an essential element in determining the right person for your needs. Speaking with them can assist you in learning more about their methods and the things they can offer you.

It is crucial that you find someone who is able to listen to your needs and treats you as an individual. Natural Medicine is not a one-size-fits all method. Andrea Southern offers a free 20-minute health assessment, for you to ask questions and get to know Andrea just a little bit. Click here to schedule your free 20-minute health check-up

It is ideal if you can locate a Grange Naturopath as well as a Wellness Centre Practitioner who works in a multi-modality clinic. My Grange clinic also offers Acupuncture, Massage, Psychology and Counselling, Hypnotherapy as well as Chiropractic and many more. It is also helpful to find an holistic GP in Brisbane. At my Grange practice, there is an holistic GP.

For more information regarding Naturopathy Brisbane and the ways Andrea adopts an integrative approach, sign up for an appointment for a no-cost 20-minute health evaluation, or make an appointment online.