Unexplained conditions

Are you feeling like your body has let you down? Have you been everywhere and still can’t find the answers to why you are feeling the way you are? Do you feel like no one is listening or able to help? Maybe it is time for a fresh approach. I will run through your health history extensively and delve deeply to find you the answers you are looking for.

I see it every day in clinic. Various blood tests and Doctors visits and still no answers as to what the problem is. Sometimes symptoms can be vague and sometimes they can be obvious, but either way there is usually a sense of “no one is listening”.

Often people are told it must be all in their head – because the blood tests show nothing abnormal. The first thing wrong with this scenario is that most Doctors will just look for blood test results that are “out of range”. For example, for a lot of pathology labs the Vitamin D range is 50 – 300 so if a test result came back with a level of 55, a Doctor would see that as still being “within range”. But you are so close to the bottom of the range that I will read that result very differently.  I look for “optimum” levels, which are generally levels that are somewhere in the middle. Reading a blood test of 55 for Vitamin D, I would class that as being severely deficient – levels should be between 120 – 150.  There is also another problem with just looking at blood test results, and that is that they never give the whole picture. Your symptoms and story are just as important, because they will give the clues necessary to work out what the problem is.

As a Naturopath I am trained to delve deeply into your health history, to ask the right questions so I can get the right answers.


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