Fatigue/low energy

Feel like you don’t have the energy to live life to the full? Waking up tired and feeling like that for the rest of the day? Some of the contributing factors to fatigue can be Post Viral Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, food intolerances, poor diet and more. Naturopathy investigates what is causing the fatigue and addresses that.

It is almost impossible to function properly if you are constantly feeling tired. It affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Being constantly tired makes it difficult to focus on work and relationships. It can be dangerous if you are driving or operating machinery.

There can be many causes of those feelings of fatigue, but after talking with you and taking your health history it usually becomes fairly obvious what the causes are, which can then be treated accordingly. If indicated, I will arrange for blood tests to make sure there are no nutritional deficiencies or other medical conditions. Herbs or nutritional supplements, together with lifestyle advice is often all that is needed to give you the bounce back in your step.

But if there is a more deep seated reason for your tiredness, I am well placed to investigate further. Chronic tiredness can be caused by multi systemic issues throughout the body and my years of experience hold me in good stead to investigate deeply to uncover the cause of your fatigue.   


Get more energy with a Stafford Naturopath today.