Gut Health/IBS/IBD

Bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort? Bowel motions erratic? Is your body complaining about everything you eat? Gut issues, like IBS or diseases like Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis can feel like they have taken over your life. Let me help repair and restore your gut so you can get back to eating without the discomfort and pain.

Most people experience the occasional bloating or reflux or altered bowel motions, usually when they have eaten too much or eaten something that doesn’t “agree” with them but when this happens on a daily basis it is time to step in and sort out what is wrong, because continuous digestive symptoms are your body’s way of warning you that there is a problem.

Ignoring this message will lead to poor absorption of essential vitamins and minerals which can then lead to disease. There can be many contributing factors to digestive disturbances and diseases and it is my role as a Naturopath to sort through your health history and work towards regaining good digestive function. I do this by utilising herbs and nutritional supplements and working closely with you to develop a diet that suits you as an individual.