Pain management

Do you suffer from sore joints, muscular pain, nerve pain, niggling pain that comes and goes, headaches? That unrelenting pain can make life a misery. Often the only relief is through pain medications that wreak havoc on your body in different ways. 

Pain is your body’s way of telling you there is something wrong and at the core of pain is always inflammation. Herbs have been scientifically proven time and again to reduce pain by reducing inflammation, without the often devastating side effects of pain medication drugs.

So when I treat pain, I turn to my herbs. While herbs can give wonderful symptomatic relief, it is then that I investigate the cause of your pain, whether it be menstrual pain from an imbalance of hormones, arthritic pain, gout, headaches, muscular pain, nerve pain. Because symptomatic relief is not enough. The whole principal of Natural medicine is to treat the symptoms and the cause.


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