Poor Immunity

Do you feel like every time the cooler weather starts you catch every bug floating around? Or maybe it takes a long time to get over a cold or the flu? Your immune health is directly connected to your digestive health, the food you eat, and your stress levels. I will help strengthen your immune system by investigating which other systems are out of balance.

70% of your immune function stems from the gut. So it makes sense that if you are suffering from gut issues such as intestinal permeability (leaky gut), food intolerances, IBS or IBD, then your immune system is going to be affected. In fact one of the main contributors to autoimmune disease is intestinal permeability.

Sugar is another big contributor to poor immunity. Consuming 6 teaspoons of sugar can decrease your immune function by 25% for 12 hours and consuming 25 teaspoons of sugar by 95% for 12 hours.

Then there is stress – it impacts literally every single body system, including your immune system. If these issues are contributing to your poor immune function they need to be addressed but in the meantime one of the simplest ways of building immunity is through herbs. There are many immune building herbs in my dispensary, so choosing one that will suit you is easy.


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